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BCTV Program Submissions

  1. Program Series Submission

    This form is used request playback of a television program series that will be provided to Burnsville Television on a regular basis.

  1. Program Submission

    This form is used request playback of a single program submission that will be provided to Burnsville Television on a regular basis.


  1. Burnsville Police and Fire Tribute and Memorial Event Notification

    In an effort to provide situational awareness of commemorative events, we offer this form as a way for supporters to notify us of... More…

  2. Outdoor Reader Board Message Request

    Non-City sponsored public events taking place at a location outside of a City facility can be placed on the City Hall Outdoor Reader... More…

  3. What would make a welcoming City Hall space?

    Your experience is important to us. Please take a moment to share your thoughts on City Hall space.

  1. Community Guide Request Form

    Please fill out this form to request a Burnsville Community Guide be mailed/delivered to you.

  2. Request for a Community Resource Guide Listing

    Please fill out this form to request a new listing on Burnsville's Community Resource Guide page.

Community Builder

  1. Community Builder Nomination

    The City Council uses the "Community Builder Award" to recognize individuals, groups, or businesses that have made a contribution that... More…

Community Development

  1. Appliance, Furniture, Electronics Removal Application for Burnsville Residents 65+

    This application determines your eligibility for the program and states what items you are requesting to have removed. Apply only if... More…

  2. Code Cash Grant Application for Cited Code Violations

    The Code Cash Home Improvement grant is an exclusive program to the City of Burnsville. Grants are awarded to qualified Burnsville... More…

  3. Reimagining Retail - Burnsville Center/County Road 42 Redevelopment Study

    We want your feedback? What do you see for the future of the County Road 42 retail area?

  1. Available Commercial Property Listings Submission Form

    City of Burnsville Available Commercial Property Listings Submission Form

  2. Public Comment on Zoning Code Update

    We want your feedback! What questions, concerns or thoughts do you have about Burnsville's current zoning code and what changes would... More…

Community Services

  1. Volunteer Celebration at the Mayor's State of the City Event

    Thank you for volunteering with the City of Burnsville! We are excited to celebrate our amazing volunteers at the Mayor’s State of the... More…


  1. Budget Comments
  1. Utility (Gas & Electric) Franchise Fee Comments

    Please provide your comments or questions regarding the proposed implementation of a Utility (Gas & Electric) Franchise Fee

Natural Resources

  1. Stenciling Project Request Form
  1. Virtual Workshop: How to Win the Buckthorn Battle

    "How to Win the Buckthorn Battle" is a free city sponsored virtual workshop that will be led by Bre Bauerly, a land manager and... More…

Police Department

  1. Emergency Volunteer Registration Form

    Emergency Volunteer Registration Form

  2. Overnight Street Parking Permit Request

    This permit is valid for up to three (3) consecutive days.

  1. Overnight Street Parking Permit - PRINT

    You must print this permit and place it on the dash or adhere it to the driver’s side window. Permits are valid for three (3)... More…

Utility Billing

  1. Moving In? - Starting Service

    This form is to be completed by residents who are moving in to a property.

  1. Moving Out? - Canceling Service

Why Burnsville

  1. Burnsville-Based Vendor Application

    This application is to be filled out by Burnsville, Minn. businesses interested in being considered vendors for City purchases.