My water pressure seems too low, how do I correct the issue?

Here are some troubleshooting suggestions: Bypass your water softener. Often times when softeners begin to fail they restrict the water flow to either low flow or no flow. If you bypass it and the flow is restored, you know it’s your softener. Here is a You Tube link to a tutorial on bypassing your water softener: It goes over four different bypass types which should cover most softeners. Do you have a filtration system? If so, the filter may be plugged. Have you turned the water off at the meter because of plumbing repairs or equipment installation? Check both valves and make sure they are open all the way. If it is not one of the three above items, it is probably your Pressure Reducing/Regulating Valve (PRV). It can fail and cause high water pressure, low water pressure, or no water at all. Replacement is part of the plumbing system which is owned by the homeowner. Please go to the City of Burnsville website to download a copy of the meter and valve information brochure. If you are handy, they are easy to replace. If not, you may want to have a plumber make the repair for you.

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