How much does a rental license cost?
Apartment Complex:
For 2016, a multi-unit apartment complex will be charge a license fee of $135 per building and $11 per unit. Multi-unit apartment complexes with shared common space are also subject to an additional annual fire inspection fee currently estimated at $150 per building.
(This means the annual license fee for a four-building, 150-unit apartment complex would be $2,720 [$135 X 4 buildings=$520 | $11 X 150 units = $1,650 | $150 X 4 buildings = $600]
Fees may change from year to year.

Individual Unit (single-family, condo or townhome) - Within Association or Same Building:
Owners that rent out individual units located within an association or within the same building will be charge $160 for each individual unit within the building or association.

Townhome Complex:
Owners who rent out multi-unit townhomes within a townhome rental complex will be charged $85 per building and $11 per unit.

Manufactured Home Parks:
Manufactured home park owners who own and rent out individual homes within their park will be charged $260 per park and $45 per rented manufactured home. Individual manufactured home owners (who do not own the park in which their home is located) who rent out their unit will be subject to the individual unit fee of $160.

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