How do I register on Election Day?

To register on Election Day, you must have one of the following forms of identification showing your current address:

  • Minnesota drivers' license, learner's permit, or Minnesota identification card with your current address.
  • A previous registration in the same precinct at another address.
  • A "Notice of Ineffective/Late Registration" -- If you have attempted to register in advance but for some reason your registration was rejected, you would receive this official notice from Dakota County.
  • Someone who is registered in your same precinct and who knows you reside in the precinct may accompany you to the polls and vouch for you.
  • A combination of a picture ID and a current utility bill (gas, electric, cable TV, water, solid waste/sewer, internet services provider or rent statement) can be used. The utility bill must show the voter's name and current address in the precinct and must not be over 30 days old. Telephone, television or internet services bill acceptable regardless of how they are delivered (i.e., Cell, VOIP, cable, satellite, etc.) The photo ID establishes the voter's identity:
    • MN Drivers License or MN ID (not at current address)
    • Passport
    • Student ID
    • Military ID
    • Tribal ID's issued by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Department of Interior. If an ID contains voter's name, current address, signature and picture, it can be used alone. If an ID contains the name, signature and picture, then it can be used along with a current utility bill.

Students The above proof of residency also apply for college students in addition to:

  • A current valid student identification card from a post-secondary educational institution in Minnesota if a list of students from that institution has been prepared and certified to the County Treasurer-Auditor in the manner provided in rules of the Secretary of State.
  • A current student fee statement that contains the student's valid address in the precinct together with a picture identification card.

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