Ejection Information

  • Any player or manager ejected from a game is automatically suspended for a minimum of the next two weeks.
  • If a player would like to appeal or discuss his/her ejection with the league director, he/she must contact the league director within 24 hours of the ejection.
  • If the league director is not available, he/she should leave a message and a number that he/she can be reached.
  • Failure to contact the league director within 24 hours will forfeit a player’s right to appeal his/her ejection and suspension.

If a player is ejected from a game, he/she is placed on probation for one calendar year. The next ejection in that calendar year could result in up to a one year suspension.

If a player is ejected a total of two times from any of the 4 B.A.S.E.R. communities (Burnsville, Apple Valley, Savage, Eagan and Rosemount) in one year then the player is suspended for one full year in all communities.

Note: The League Director reserves the right to increase or decrease a suspension after reviewing the details of an incident.

A manager, player(s) or an entire team may be suspended from league play if it is discovered that a suspended player is playing when he/she should be out. To make sure your team does not have an issue, check the suspended players list below: