Street Sweeping

Street sweeping equipmentCity crews work long hours in the spring to remove debris that piles up on streets over the winter. Annual street sweeping helps protect water quality by keeping sediment-filled runoff from entering City ponds and lakes.

Street sweeping is necessary for a number of reasons. It helps keep vehicles and pedestrians safe by keeping debris off the roadway, it helps keep streets well maintained and it helps protect surface water quality and the environment.

Street SweeperThe City uses both City employees/equipment and private contractors to provide this service. Completion dates vary each year, and are dependent on weather conditions, personnel and equipment availability. All City streets are swept at least twice each year.

Sweeping of County roads is the responsibility of the Dakota County Highway Department. State highways are the responsibility of the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The City may assist in sweeping operations on these other jurisdictional roadways under emergency or mutual aid conditions.