Birnamwood League Policies

Check in 10 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time. 

Scheduling Tee times will rotate each week. If your team is unable to play a scheduled tee time, it will be your responsibility to find a substitute. No make-up games permitted. 

Tardiness: If you are late for your scheduled tee time, your round will be forfeited and only your partner’s score will count towards points (see “Absences” below). However, you are welcome to join your partner and enjoy the rest of the round. 

Absences/Substitutes: It is your responsibility to find a substitute. There are qualified substitutes that can be used and their scores will count. A friend/family member can take the place of the absent player; however, their score will not count, unless they have an established handicap with Birnamwood. If one player is absent, the other player is the "team." The lone participating player will double his/her handicap for that week and will receive only one-half the points won. 

Rain-outs: The golf course is responsible for cancelling league play one hour prior to the first tee time in the event of inclement weather. Call the clubhouse at 952-641-1374 to see if your league has been canceled. 

In the event of partial rounds played (due to inclement weather), it is up to the league coordinator to decide if your score will stand for the holes you played. It is determined by the number of teams that were able to finish their round prior to the inclement weather.

Make-Up Games: Only games played at the scheduled league time are counted. 

Maximum Number of Strokes: A maximum of ten strokes per hole is allowed. After your ninth stroke, pick up your ball (your tenth stroke) and proceed to the next hole. Any attempt to hit the ball it is a stroke, even if the ball is missed. Record a "10" on the scorecard. 

Handicapping: Play is handicapped using the USGA short course handicapping system. New participants must play a minimum of three rounds at Birnamwood prior to the league start date to establish a handicap and be eligible for points. Leave scorecards with your name and league name at the clubhouse upon completing these rounds. 

If you participated in last year's league, your handicap is established for the current season, however you must pay a yearly handicap fee. 

Your team will not earn points until both golfers have an established handicap.

Points: Points are awarded each week:

  • Team with Low Gross = 2 points (ties - 1 point each)
  • Team with Low Net = 2 points (ties - 1 point each)
  • Team/Special Event = 1 point (ties = ½ point each)