Deer Feeding Ordinance and Landscape Depredation Issues

Deer Feeding in Burnsville

It is against City ordinance (City Code 6-2-28) to feed deer. Feeding draws deer into residential areas, increasing landscaping depredation issues and the risk for deer-car collisions. It also supports an unnaturally high deer population. According to ordinance, no wildlife feed (grain, salt licks, fruit, vegetables, nuts, hay, bird seed or other food that may reasonable be expected to attract deer) can be placed on the ground or within 5 feet of the ground. All wildlife feeders must be hung at least 5 feet or higher off the ground or otherwise screened prevent deer from accessing the food. If you are having issues with deer on your property:

  • Submit a monitoring report to the City. Monitoring reports help the City track deer related issues.
  • Report any deer feeding in your neighborhood to City staff. These reports can be sent through the monitoring report.
  • Visit the City's landscaping damage website for tips on how to identify and reduce deer damage to plants.