Bowhunting in Burnsville

Due to City ordinance, bowhunting is not possible on most properties but it may be allowed in some select situations. It is the responsibility of the bowhunter/property owner to ensure they follow all City ordinance and state regulations when bowhunting within City limits. The full ordinance related to bowhunting/firearms within City limits can be found in the City Code under Title 6, Chapter 4 (Firearms).

Private Property Areas

Some key considerations related to bowhunting on private property in Burnsville are:

  • Distance from lot lines and adjacent buildings – Approximate distances can be measured using the Dakota County GIS website (Click on 'tools' button in upper left corner to use measuring tools). An average sized city lot will not be large enough to allow bowhunting.
  • Written permission from property owner
  • All state hunting regulations must be followed.

City ordinance states that bow and arrow may be used "by any person shooting a bow and pointed-tip arrows who is the private landowner or with written private landowner approval on their person; provided, however, no arrow passes beyond the boundaries of that property; and provided further that the shooting occurs at least two hundred feet (200') from any land or building not owned by that landowner and that no one is endangered".

Public Property Areas

Bowhunting is not allowed in City parks unless in conjunction with a City approved special hunt. Special hunts for deer management are conducted annually at Kelleher Park in southwest Burnsville. These hunts are organized by the Metro Bowhunters Resource Base (MBRB), a non-profit group that assists cities and other organizations with deer management. To participate in an MBRB hunt, you must be a member and work through their hunt application process.

The dates for the 2023 archery hunt at Kelleher Park are:

  • October 13-15
  • November 10-12

The section of the park that will be closed during the hunt is marked below.  Notification signage will be placed at all major access points to this area.

Park Closure Map-v2