Playground Projects

The City uses a “best value” approach for the replacement of playgrounds. This approach asks local playground suppliers to respond to a Request for Proposal that includes playground designs based on best practice criteria that satisfy physical, sensory, social-emotional and cognitive play features while allowing the provider to use their expertise and artistic abilities. The provider is expected to provide a proposal that fits within the space and budget available.  

Upcoming Projects: Alimagnet and Coventry Court Playgrounds

Alimagnet and Coventry Court Park playgrounds are more than 20 years old and are in some of the worst conditions in the park system. When equipment reaches 20 years or older, there can be a higher frequency of broken equipment, part replacement challenges and general safety issues.  

Our commitment to community engagement

Staff will communicate this project and engage the community in the project by placing a sign at the playground in the spring, provide a playground project website, promote through social media and neighborhood postcards, and seek feedback through surveys and onsite open houses. At the conclusion of the engagement process, staff will work with the preferred provider to refine the final design as needed.

Thank you to everyone who came out for our pop-up events in May and everyone who took the time to share their thoughts in our playground surveys. We will be reviewing all of your feedback in the coming weeks.

Next Steps

Your feedback from our pop-up events and outreach have helped guide our playground selections. We will be presenting the City Council with a recommendation to award a contract with Northland Recreation for both the Alimagnet and Coventry Court playgrounds (preliminary design examples shown below).

Alimagnet playground option 5_NR
Coventry Court Option 4_NR