Neighborhood Watch

The City of Burnsville believes that Neighborhood Watch groups effectively reduce local crime and build strong neighborhoods. We are currently seeking volunteers who are willing to serve as Block Captains for their neighborhoods and coordinate a Neighborhood Watch Group.

Block Captains

Block captains are responsible for organizing two neighborhood meetings annually. Most block captains coordinate a social event, such as Night to Unite, and host an educational meeting.

Educational meetings can be either formal or informal, and are not limited to crime prevention topics. Many neighborhoods find that their Neighborhood Watch groups are able to address other issues such as parks, home maintenance, and traffic concerns.

City staff is available to facilitate meetings, locate speakers and provide ongoing support and training for block captains.

Before Becoming a Block Captain

Being a Block Captain comes with responsibility. We ask that any interested applicants email Officer Ben Archambault or call 952-641-1110 for more information.

Download a Block Captain Application (PDF)