Alternative Urban Areawide Review

Project Overview

The City of Burnsville recently completed the Center Village Redevelopment Vision in 2019, which was a study to identify redevelopment opportunities and create a plan for the Burnsville Center Village Area. Following the completion Redevelopment Vision, the City conducted a traffic study in 2020 to understand the transportation improvements needed to support the redevelopment of the Burnsville Center area. This study included analysis on the most congested corridor in the area, County Road 42. As a next step, the City is now preparing an Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) to understand the environmental implications of a future redevelopment of the Burnsville Center area. This step creates the opportunity to anticipate and manage impacts before projects are built and any future development proposals that are in full conformance with the AUAR and mitigation plan will not need to conduct their own environmental reviews.

The AUAR study area encompasses 426 acres, including 77 existing tax parcels located north and south of County Road 42 between County Road 5 and I-35W. The development scenario to be evaluated in the AUAR is described in Table 1 and is based on the proposed land uses from the 2019 Center Village Redevelopment Vision Plan.

Final AUAR Resolution

Read the full Burnsville Center Village Area AUAR, final plan review, July 2021 - (PDF, 178 pages, may take time to load)

Table 1: AUAR Development Scenario

Land Use

Scenario Density

Residential apartment units


Hotel rooms


Commercial (square feet)


Non-commercial: office, medical, institutional (square feet)


AUAR Study Area

Alternative Urban Areawide Review Study Area
  • A presentation video (shown below) offers a detailed overview of AUAR for your review. 

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What is an AUAR?

An Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) is a planning tool that local governments can use to understand how one or several development scenarios will affect the environment of the community. The State of Minnesota requires environmental reviews on proposed developments of a certain size and scale. The City of Burnsville is the responsible governmental unit (RGU) for the Burnsville Center Village Area AUAR process.

An AUAR analyzes potential issues in these areas:

  • Land use
  • Cover types
  • Fish, wildlife and ecologically sensitive resources
  • Water resources and use
  • Wastewater and stormwater impacts
  • Soil conditions
  • Traffic
  • Emissions
  • Dust, odor, noise
  • Historic preservation
  • Visual impacts
  • Compatibility with existing plans

More information about the AUAR process can be found on the EQB webpage.

If you have questions during this planning phase or throughout the project, please email Debra Garross, City Planner.