City Council Strategic Vision, Values and Priorities

Our Commitment to the Community

Our Vision: Burnsville is a vibrant city, boldly leading and welcoming to all.

Values—We believe our service to the community makes a difference through:

Value icons for respect, belonging, stewardship, adaptability, ethical

Respect: We pay attention to people and perspectives with courtesy, dignity, and understanding.

Belonging: We value difference, creating a community where people feel at home.

Stewardship: We care for resources to best serve the community of today and tomorrow.

Adaptability: We will create a better future through continual improvement and adjusting to an ever-changing environment.

Ethical: We do what's right, just, and fair, guided by transparency and honesty. 

How we plan to get there — Our Strategic Priorities

View our 2022 Strategic Priorities and Metrics (PDF)

infographic for the 2022 Burnsville City Council strategic priorities

Safety iconSafety — Burnsville is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our community

For that reason, we will:

  1. Provide risk-reduction programs, inspections and educational opportunities to ensure the safety of our community
  2. Provide a reliable response to community emergencies
  3. Invest in health and wellness programs for our employees

Community Engagement iconCommunity Engagement — Burnsville is committed to meaningful relationships and experiences that meet the diverse needs of our community

For that reason, we will:

  1. Reimagine how we deliver the public experience at City Hall and beyond
  2. Facilitate access to local government through formal and informal opportunities during elections and other decision-making activities
  3. Develop innovative and inclusive programs and experiences that increase community connections

Org Services icon
Organizational Culture — Burnsville is committed to creating great experiences for our employees so they do the same for our community

For that reason, we will:

  1. Complete an organizational analysis to understand the staff and structure we need to best serve our community
  2. Continue to be an employer of choice for our current and future employees
  3. Continue to invest in high quality training and development opportunities that help people and teams be their best

community vibrancy iconCommunity Vibrancy — Burnsville is committed to designing places and growth that enhance our community for years to come

For that reason, we will:

  1. Collaborate with community members and partner agencies to enhance the spaces in underserved areas of the community
  2. Complete and implement the Heart of the City Framework Plan
  3. Implement and promote available resources and programs that enrich residential, commercial and community spaces

Transportation iconInfrastructure — Burnsville is committed to responsible stewardship of resources and lands to ensure access and allow our community to thrive

For that reason, we will:

  1. Complete and implement plans and studies that build community-City connections
  2. Champion emerging technologies to ensure the City moves forward with leading-edge solutions
  3. Deliver the 2022 Capital Improvement Plan, designing innovative programs that enhance our community assets

Sustainability iconSustainability — Burnsville is committed to innovation that supports environmental, human and financial vitality for our community and future generations

For that reason, we will:

  1. Collaborate with the organization, stakeholders and community to identify existing facility space conditions and needs
  2. Complete and implement plans, studies and programs that enhance our approach to natural resources conservation
  3. Provide opportunities and initiatives that  meet our current needs and allow future generations to meet their needs

Governance Policy

The purpose of governance is that the council, on behalf of the people of the City, guarantees the accountability to the people of City government by assuring that it: 

  • achieves appropriate results for the appropriate persons at an appropriate cost; and
  • avoids unacceptable activities, conditions and decisions

Governance Policy Notebook - PDF, 14 pages

Governance Overview - PDF, 2 pages