City Council Strategic Vision, Values and Priorities

Our Commitment to the Community

Our Vision: Burnsville is a vibrant city, boldly leading and welcoming to all.

Values—We believe our service to the community makes a difference through:

Value icons for respect, belonging, stewardship, adaptability, ethical

Respect: We pay attention to people and perspectives with courtesy, dignity, and understanding.

Belonging: We value difference, creating a community where people feel at home.

Stewardship: We care for resources to best serve the community of today and tomorrow.

Adaptability: We will create a better future through continual improvement and adjusting to an ever-changing environment.

Ethical: We do what's right, just, and fair, guided by transparency and honesty. 

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How we plan to get there — Our Strategic Priorities

Icons for safety, engagement, development, sustainability, infrastructure and services

View our full 2021 Strategic Priorities and Metrics (PDF)

Safety iconSafety — Burnsville is committed to community safety

  • There is confidence in the public safety services provided.
  • The community is involved in safety initiatives.
  • People have a feeling of safety throughout the community.

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Community Engagement iconCommunity Engagement — Burnsville is committed to be welcoming to all through community engagement

  • People are actively engaged in community life to enhance livability.
  • We are a preferred community with a great quality of life.
  • The community is served through a broad range of programs, services, and facilities built on partnerships. 

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Community Development iconCommunity Development — Burnsville is committed to residential and business redevelopment that will enhance the community

  • Strategic growth and development are balanced.
  • Support a housing stock that is both relevant and diverse of housing types, high amenities, properly maintained and enhanced whenever possible.
  • Create development or redevelopment assistance strategies for community resilience. 

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Sustainability iconSustainability — Burnsville is committed to stewardship through creative & innovative approaches to natural resources, financial & equity

  • People find Burnsville to be an attractive, welcoming city and want to preserve that.
  • We value natural water bodies and green spaces and recognize the importance of preserving them.
  • Development occurs in an environmentally sensitive manner, preserving and restoring natural resources. 

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Transportation iconTransportation & Infrastructure — Burnsville is committed to an effective, multi-modal transportation system that safely connects people and goods

  • The city partners with federal, state and county entities to meet mobility needs.
  • We balance transportation options including vehicle, bike and pedestrians in a safe manner.
  • Infrastructure improvements are planned, maintained and preserved in a strategic and intentional manner. 

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Org Services icon
Organizational Services
— Burnsville is committed high-quality public service with respect for resources - city services provide a positive community value

  • We are an organization of choice that invests in employee development and engagement.
  • We value simple proactive communication and the use of technology to enhance service.
  • We maintain the highest standards of resource management service to enhance the community. 

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Governance Policy

The purpose of governance is that the council, on behalf of the people of the City, guarantees the accountability to the people of City government by assuring that it: 

  • achieves appropriate results for the appropriate persons at an appropriate cost; and
  • avoids unacceptable activities, conditions and decisions

Governance Policy Notebook - PDF, 14 pages

Governance Overview - PDF, 2 pages