2021 Firefighter/paramedic of the Year

Andrew Vik

Vik has been with Burnsville Fire for more than five years. His fellow firefighters/paramedics describe him as a perpetual learner and know him as someone who can be counted on to always step up and to have the best interests of the community and department at heart.

“Andrew works tirelessly. He treats his patients and citizens of Burnsville with kindness, respect, compassion and sensitivity,” shared one of Vik’s crew members in the nomination. “Andrew is someone I look up to and wish to emulate.” Another nomination says Vik “continually raises the bar on how a Burnsville Firefighter/Paramedic should conduct themselves.” 

Vik has contributed greatly to Burnsville’s water rescue program and his ability to teach enhances department trainings. Vik is recognized for his efforts to continuously strive to improve himself, his team and the entire organization. In addition to his firefighter/paramedic service, Vik’s impact on the community includes helping with fire prevention programs. 

“Andrew is a positive, persistent, ethical and adaptable firefighter/paramedic. He strives to do what is right no matter the instance, and is regularly seen to go above and beyond his duties in order to serve the community in the best way he personally can,” said Burnsville Fire Chief BJ Jungmann. “He serves with integrity, is a team-player and sets a wonderful example for all other members of the department as he always backs up his words with action.” 

Burnsville’s 48-member career fire and ambulance service is committed and dedicated to preserving life, safety and property in the community. Vik regularly demonstrates these values and the Burnsville Fire Department is proud to honor him as Firefighter/Paramedic of the Year. 

The Firefighter/Paramedic of the Year is always chosen in the fall of the following year (e.g., 2021 announced in fall 2022 so the 2022 honoree will be named late in 2023).