2021 City Street Improvements

This Project Includes

Reclamation work consisting of replacing all pavement, repairing and/or upgrading storm sewers and sanitary sewers, and spot replacement of curbs.  These areas include:

  • Southcross Woods
  • Orchard Area

Rehabilitation work consisting of replacing the top 2" of pavement and spot replacement of curbs.  These areas include:

  • Lac Lavon Drive




See phasing map below for reference

June 11, 2021 Update

See updates below by phase.  Click the Construction Update (PDF) for a printable pdf version with additional information.

Phase 1

  • No work planned

Phase 2

  • Centerpoint Energy continuing gas main replacement

Phase 3

  • Grading on Monday 6/14, possible paving on Tuesday 6/15.  Manhole and gate valve work the rest of the week

Phase 4

  • Concrete removal and replacement on Monday 6/14 and Tuesday 6/15

Phase 5

  • No work planned

The Strategies

Street Improvement Strategies

Interactive Web Map

To find out more information about any projects on the map below click on the map item for more information.  Click >> for to see the map legend.  Click "View larger map" to access a full size interactive map.

  1. John Schmeling

    Assistant City Engineer
    Phone: 952-895-4457