Multi-use trail connections to I-35W Bridge Crossing

Bike Community Update Meeting

The Bike Community Update Meeting (originally scheduled for March 23, 2020) is canceled in order to comply with recent recommendations regarding the COVID-19 virus. Burnsville, Bloomington and MnDOT will reschedule when it is appropriate to have large groups gathering again. 

Burnsville, Bloomington and MnDOT understand these are the main issues of the Biking Community:

The existing trail connection that connects the 35W Minnesota River Bridge to the 35W frontage road on the east side of 35W has historically flooded with seasonal Minnesota River flooding. The flooding during 2019 was atypical of a normal year and the frontage road trail was closed much of the year. 

The original MnDOT design build contract did not include making elevation changes to this existing trail. The City of Burnsville, in coordination with MnDOT, is looking at options for raising the trail to a minimum elevation of 702 feet (the existing low points on the trail are at an approximate elevation of 698 feet). 

Looking at historic flooding data, we can estimate that by raising the trail to a minimum elevation of 702 feet, this section of trail will, on average, flood between three and six days each year. 

Challenges to overcome include:

  • Funding
  • Environmental (wetlands, floodplain)
  • Land ownership (MnDOT, Xcel Energy, US Fish and Wildlife are all land owners in the area)

On the north side of the 35W Minnesota River Bridge, the new bike/pedestrian facility will make two connections down to Lyndale Avenue - one for mountain bikers and one for general users - both connecting near the south end of Lyndale Avenue. While this final design is different than some of the concepts prepared in 2017, the final design meets the project goals of providing a new bike connection over the Minnesota River and connecting to Lyndale Avenue on the north side of the River. 

While many alternatives were explored, there were significant environmental costs and/or long term infrastructure maintenance issues that precluded the trail from extending further north before connecting to Lyndale Avenue. The City is programming the reconstruction of Lyndale Avenue to extend the bike/pedestrian connection in the years following the 35W Minnesota River Bridge Project and the new roadway will have a buffered bike and pedestrian area on each side of the road.

The agencies are aware of these main issues. If there are other concerns that have not been noted on this webpage, please use the comment form to provide comments, concerns, and feedback.

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