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Tree Care

USDA tree prune

  • Tree Care by Season: Wondering when’s the best time to do tree work? Check out this simple chart for Tree, Evergreen & Shrub Care by Season (PDF).
  • Newly Planted Tree CareHow you care for your new tree can help it survive and thrive. Read about Caring for Newly Planted Trees from the Minnesota DNR.
  • Pruning: Proper pruning is essential to tree health. Learn proper techniques in the How to Prune Guide (PDF) from the US Forest Service.
  • Planting: How you plant your tree can impact it’s health. Learn How to Properly Plant Trees from the Minnesota DNR.
  • Fertilizing: Before you fertilize, test the soil to see if nutrients are needed. You may harm or "burn" your tree if you apply fertilizer when it’s not needed. Soil testing kits are available at garden centers. Another option is to send a sample to the University of Minnesota – Soil Testing Laboratory, which offers a wide range of tests including fertility, pH, organic matter and soluble salts.

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