Building a Budget

Our annual budget is a reflection of the community's priorities. Each year, staff works to prepare a budget that aligns with the City Council's Vision, Values and Strategic Priorities. The Burnsville City Council takes final action on the annual budget each December. However, developing a budget is a year-round process with multiple meetings that begins early in the year.

Visit the 2024 Budget Transparency Portal - Funding a Vibrant Community

The Budget Transparency Portal offers a look inside the current operating budget to show the City's expenses and revenues. This information is updated in real-time as new information is recorded in the City's finance system.

Our Service to the Community

The City conducted an organizational analysis in early 2022 to help us better understand the makeup of our organization and determine whether we are providing service in alignment with community needs. We also created a comprehensive resource about our service to the community.

Departments presented their findings at City Council meetings during the budget process. Watch videos of the presentations below, or view our 2022 Service to the Community Report (PDF).

2022 Organizational Services Analysis Executive Summary (PDF)

Department Strategic Plans

In 2023, each City department conducted a follow-up to the 2022 Organizational Analysis by developing department-specific strategic plans. These plans will be presented to Council throughout 2023, and will be uploaded to the website as they are presented.

City Council Budget Discussions

The public is invited to attend any or all of the meetings where the Council discusses the budget. All meetings are held at Burnsville City Hall and will be shown live and replayed on BCTV Ch. 16/HD Ch. 859 and streamed online. City Council meetings begin at 5:30 p.m.

2024 Budget Meetings (Held in 2023)

Please note, meeting dates are subject to change. 

Date Topic Presentation
March 21 Review Financial Management Plan
Follow-up memo
Video | PDF
May 9 Discuss Market Refresh for Compensation Study/Fees and Charges
Review Department Strategic Plans | Public Works and Information Technology (Video)
Video | PDF
June 13
Review Department Strategic Plans | Parks & Recreation and Community Development
June 20 Review Annual Comprehensive Financial Statements Video
July 11 Review Department Strategic Plans | Strategic Initiatives, Fire and Finance Video
July 18 Discuss Proposed Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Video | PDF
Aug. 15 Review Department Strategic Plans | Police, Communications & Community Engagement, City Clerk and Human Resources Video
Aug. 22 Discuss proposed 2024 budget and property tax levy scenarios Video | PDF
Sept. 12 Discuss proposed 2024 budget and proposed 2024 fees and charges Video | PDF
Sept. 19 Adopt proposed tax levy and budget Video | PDF
Nov. 28 Proposed 2024 budget and property tax levy public hearing
Adopt final 2024 property tax levy, CIP and budget
Video | PDF

2023 Budget Meetings (Held in 2022)

Date Topic Presentation
Feb. 15 Proposed 2023 budget
Review budget calendar
Video | PDF
March 8 Review Financial Management Plan Video | PDF
April 5 Outlook and Objectives review Video | PDF
May 10 Organizational Analysis review Video | PDF
June 14 Service Inventory Conversation - Information Technology (PDF) and Public Works (PDF) Video
June 21 Service Inventory Conversation - Communications/Engagement (PDF), Police (PDF) and Fire (PDF) Video
July 19 Proposed 2023-2027 CIP Video | PDF
Aug. 16 Service Inventory Conversation - Finance (PDF) and Parks, Recreation, Facilities (PDF) Video
Aug. 23 Proposed 2023 budget including property tax scenarios Video | PDF
Sept. 6 Service Inventory Conversation - Human Resources (PDF), Community Development (PDF)
and City Clerk (PDF)
Sept. 13 Discuss 2023 proposed budget - Levy Alternatives Fact Sheet Video | PDF
Sept. 20 Adopt proposed City and EDA property tax levy and budget (Max Tax) Video | PDF
Dec. 6 Public meeting on proposed 2023 budget and levy
Adopt final 2023 budget and property tax levy
Video | PDF

Property Tax Questions

Question mark iconIf you have questions about your property’s valuation please contact the Dakota County Assessor's Office – the City does not have information on the details of most of your tax statement. You can contact the Dakota County Assessor's Office at 651-438-4200, assessing.services@co.dakota.mn.us or fill out an online inquiry form.

Property Tax Statements and Valuation Notices are sent in March

Dakota County mails 2024 property tax statements and valuation notices in March. This Value Notice will be the basis for your 2025 property taxes. 

If you have questions or concerns about your property valuation or classification, contact the Dakota County Assessor's Office before May 1 at 651-438-4200. If your questions or concerns are not resolved after discussing with your assessor, you may bring your case to the Special County Board of Appeal and Equalization. 

Learn more about homeowner Property Tax Statements

Learn more about Valuation Notices

Learn more about Dakota County's appeal process

Property Tax Refund Programs

Several state programs exist to assist eligible residents with the rising cost of property taxes. Learn more about each program below. For additional information about property tax refunds and programs, visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue's website or call its tax helpline at 651-296-3781.

Homeowner's Homestead Credit Refund

Minnesota has two property tax refund programs for homeowners: the regular Homestead Credit Refund and the special Homestead Credit Refund. You may qualify for either or both of these refunds depending on your income and property tax increase.

Learn more about the programs, learn if you're qualified and download an application.

Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral Program

This low-interest loan program for qualified seniors limits property taxes to 3% of their total household income. The state temporarily pays any property tax above that amount in their behalf.

This is a loan from the state, and it must be repaid plus interest (not to exceed 5%). The state may take individual tax refunds or other payments and apply them to this loan.

Learn more and download application materials. Call the state department of revenue at 651-295-3781 for questions or more information.