Drinking Water Protection Overlay District

Drinking Water Protection Overlay District

In June 2015, the City of Burnsville established a Drinking Water Protection Overlay District (DWPOD) ordinance [City Ordinance 10-8-12]. This ordinance is meant to help protect the City's drinking water supply in an area in the northern part of the City determined "highly vulnerable" to contamination.

Drinking Water Protection Overlay District Story Map

Drinking Water Protection Overlay District Map (PDF)


This determination was based on the type and location of wells, surface water supply areas, geomorphology and aquifer characteristics in the area. The ordinance established standards and regulations for landowners and businesses, whose uses have the potential to contribute to drinking water contamination - such as storage tanks, outdoor storage and chemical usage.

It is a high priority for the City to maintain a clean and safe public water supply. The primary purpose of the DWPOD is to establish acceptable land-use practices, and develop performance standards to minimize risks to the City's drinking water supply.

Additionally, the DWPOD ordinance is meant to help:

  • Minimize spills, leaks, and other discharges of regulated substances within the DWPOD
  • Distribute annual educational information pertaining to drinking water protection
  • Establish and perform site inspections
  • Ensure proper storage, handling and usage of regulated substances
  • Establish a mechanism to correct DWPOD ordinance violations, if necessary

Site/Facility Risk

Through inspections and a questionnaire, all sites/facilities in the district will be classified as either a "High Priority," "Medium Priority" or "Low Priority" risk to impact the City's drinking water supply. The risk potential for each site/facility will be based on the storage, use, production or handling of petroleum products and other hazardous chemicals and materials.

A list of Regulated Substances and a site inspection schedule are show in City Code 7-2-24: Protection of Drinking Water Supply.