Hydrant Inspections

Annual Hydrant Inspections

State and City Fire Codes require that all fire hydrants (public and private) need to be inspected annually, and repaired if needed. All hydrants must be in working condition at all times.

While the City is responsible for inspecting all public hydrants, property owners are responsible for having all private hydrants inspected each year. All inspections must be completed by a Minnesota licensed hydrant inspection company.

Private Hydrant Inspections

Property owners who have completed an annual inspection must provide documentation electronically prior to May 15 of each calendar year to Fire Inspector/Investigator Jayson Knutson. Each fire hydrant must have its own inspection form submitted that includes:

  • Hydrant Number
  • Property name
  • Property address
  • Printed Inspector name
  • Date of inspection
  • Whether the fire hydrant passed the inspection
  • If the fire hydrant did not pass, what needs to be addressed
  • Whether the fire hydrant caps were in place
  • Whether there was any foreign material detected when flowing the hydrant
  • Whether fire hydrant(s) drained properly
  • If there is a minimum three foot clearance around the fire hydrant(s)
  • Location and type of malfunction for any hydrant failures
  • Corrective action and timeline for repair of any failed hydrants

If documentation is not received by May 15 each year, the City will contract to have the hydrant(s) inspected and the cost will be charged over a 12-month period to the property's utility bill.

For questions about the private fire hydrant inspection program contact 952-895-4570.

Contract Through the City for Private Hydrant Inspection

If you would like to contract through the City for private hydrant inspections, please email Fire Administration by May 1. The City of Burnsville will contract to complete inspection of your fire hydrant(s), the cost of this inspection will be charged over a 12 month period to your utility bill.