Fire Department & Ambulance Service

  1. Burnsville police car with headline Crime Prevention and Safety Awareness

    Let's Talk Crime Prevention!

    Join our Behavioral Health and Community Risk Reduction teams for a free workshop on common scams, identity theft, home safety and personal safety reminders. Learn what to watch out for, prevention tips and what to do if you fall victim to a crime. Optional Registration Requested
  2. Community Connect headline with exterior photo of fire station and fire trucks

    Create Your Life Safety Profile

    Help us help you when seconds count. Your profile tells us important information about your family, pets, property and special needs in the event of an emergency. Create a profile today...
  3. Overhead shot of marshmallows being roasted over a campfire

    Recreational Bon Fire Permit

    Nothing says "Minnesota Summer" like a camp fire. Residents who have recreational fires on their property must get a Recreational Burning Permit annually. Permit Information...
  4. illustration showing placement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

    Questions about smoke alarms?

    Smoke alarms need to be installed in every bedroom and on every level of your home. Carbon monoxide detectors need to be installed on every floor of the home and within 10 feet of sleeping areas. Watch our illustrated video to learn more...
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Public Safety Minutes and Fire Education

Want to learn more about how Burnsville firefighters/paramedics work to keep you safe? Check out these videos on Fire department operations and safety tips.

Fire Permits

Fire-related permits for recreational fires, fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, fireworks or pyrotechnics displays, prescribed fire burns, firework sales, tent permits, storage tanks or special/miscellaneous situations can be applied for through our online permit portal.

Apply for a Fire Permit

Emergency Notifications

Find more information and register for emergency notifications through the Dakota Communications Center.

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