Understanding Your Bill

Reading Your Utility Bill

The City of Burnsville is committed to providing quality water and sewer services. A review of rates is conducted annually to determine the City's costs to provide these services. The City's intention is to recover costs from the users of the services.

Meter Base Charge

The City has established a meter base charge because there are fixed costs involved with providing service to each customer regardless of water usage. The fee is charged per meter and is designated for the future replacement of water meters and maintenance of metering technology.

Water Charges

Water usage is determined by a meter reading received electronically from each property on a monthly basis.

Sewer and Sewer Base Charges

Sewer usage is based on water consumption and is subject to a maximum that is set according to your winter water usage.  A sewer base charge is assessed to all properties for sewer services. The fees collected offset expenses that are the same at all addresses no matter how much usage (meter reading, bill processing, forms, postage, etc.).

Storm Drainage Fees

The Storm Drainage fees are used to construct and operate the City's storm water management system. This system handles rain and snow run-offs as well as lake and pond preservation. To prevent sedimentation in the system, street sweeping is also supported by these fees.

Sidewalk Snowplowing

The City contracts the snow removal from sidewalks and paths throughout the city. This fee is only charged to customers whose residence has a sidewalk adjacent to it.

Major Roadway Lighting

Fee is for the expansion, maintenance and replacement of major roadway and intersection lights.

Street Lighting & State Surcharge

Street Lighting is a set rate that covers the operation and maintenance costs of street lighting in your neighborhood. The State Surcharge is determined by the State of Minnesota for statewide water quality testing.

Sidewalk & Trail Maintenance

Fee for clearing snow from all regional street trails, sidewalks adjacent to City-owned properties, and trail tree branch trimming.

Late Payments

Past due amounts are subject to a 1.5% penalty per month.

Delinquent Accounts

Delinquent amounts are certified to the property taxes of the home.

Payment Drop Box

Would you like to save postage? For your convenience the City of Burnsville has a drop box for water and sewer bill payments. The drive-up drop box is located in the City Hall parking lot closest to the Police Department. Automatic payments are now available also.

Payments deposited in the drop box are couriered to the bank twice a week for processing. Place your check and remittance stub in an envelope and drop it in the box - no postage required.

Moving In or Out?

Customers moving from residences or businesses need to fill out our online form or contact Utility Billing at 952-895-4480 with a forwarding address for the final billing.

Outside Readers Are Not Used

Some customers may have a remote water reader located on the outside of their property. These readers should not be used as they were installed many years ago and many do not function correctly.

Payment Options

Customers now have more options than ever before to make payments. Learn more about how to make payments via mail, drop box or online. Options are available to set up automatic/recurring or one-time payments online using a credit card or checking account.