Landscaping for Clean Water Workshops

Burnsville is pleased to be a part of the Landscaping for Clean Water Program, which holds workshops for residents to learn about raingardens, shoreline restorations, and native gardens. Attend this FREE workshop to learn how to design, install, and maintain a project in your very own yard!

Workshops are taught throughout the county by experts from the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District, and are open to all Dakota County residents. 

Sign up today for the 2020 *online* workshops 

Due to COVID-19, the workshop series has been converted to a digital version. Now residents can learn from the experts from the safety and comfort of their homes. 

Click here to register and learn how to positively impact water quality in your neighborhood (you will be redirected to the Dakota County Soil & Water Conservation District). 

Grants available for eligible projects

The County and City both offer opportunities to receive financial assistance.

  • Dakota County residents are eligible to apply for the County grant after attending the Landscaping for Clean Water workshop series. 
  • Burnsville residents can apply for the City’s neighborhood water resources enhancement grant of up to $1,000 for qualified projects. Attend the Landscaping for Clean Water workshops to strengthen your project and improve your odds of receiving funding.  
Raingardens benefit water quality - and add color!
Workshops held online in 2020. Register today!