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The City of Burnsville posts information regarding current advertisements for bids, and the results from previous bids on QuestCDN.

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Burnsville Fire Department No. 1
Bid Package No. 2

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Download Request for Proposal Bid No. 2 (PDF)
Bid No. 2 - Bidset Arch Spec BP2

The City of Burnsville is seeking competitive bids for the construction of the Fire Station #1 Replacement Project. Bid Package No. 2  includes 22 additional work scope areas. Examples of these work scopes include structural steel erection, carpentry, wall panels, roofing, doors, carpet and flooring, plumbing, and HVAC.

Proposers are required to submit one (1) electronic proposal (online only) through BidExpress.

Proposal Due Date:  Thursday, Aug. 27 at 2:00 pm

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Purchasing Requirements

The City of Burnsville follows Minnesota State Statute in regard to bidding requirements for municipal contracts. The current statute states:

  • Bid amounts of $175,000
    • The City of Burnsville is required to use a formal, sealed and competitive bidding process per the State of Minnesota's Uniform Municipal contracting Law Chapter 471.345.
  • Bid amounts of less than $175,000
    • A formal bid is not required.
    • Local governments must receive at least two quotes.
    • City may still choose to use formal sealed and competitive bidding process at its discretion.
  • Small Purchases
    • City of Burnsville departments are authorized to make small purchases up to $4,999.

Equal Opportunity

The City of Burnsville's policy is to provide equal opportunities to contractors and subcontractors in the purchase of products and services.

Alternative Dissemination of Bids & Requests

This page is maintained as an alternative means to disperse public requests for bids, requests for proposals and requests for information per Minnesota State Statutes 331A.03 Subd. 3. Alternative dissemination of bids and requests